Triomaster S silage grab

    The Triomaster S is a silage cutter with a fixed blade, capable of shearing effortlessly through silage, without moving the stack. The silage wall therefore remains intact and is not compressed, pulled loose, lifted or vibrated loose, as can occur with other existing silage cutting techniques. The risk of overheating is thus limited to a minimum. The Triomaster S is available in volumes of 80 and 146 cu.ft.


    Capacity 80-146 cu.ft.



    Standard features

    • Perfect silo facing
    • U-form frame with stainless steel replacable stationary cutting knives
    • Cutting by hydraulic pressure
    • Electric controlled parallel system 
    • High loading capacity   
    • With toothed sealing 
    • No spillage in front of the silo clamp or in transit 
    • Suitable to load all other commodities

    Technical specifications

    Triomaster S  S 200  S 300
    Capacity cu.ft. 80 146
    Prescribed cutting volume cu.ft.  70 110
    Overall length  66" 84"
    Overall width  88" 105"
    Overall height  74" 93"
    Silage cutting height  93" 115"
    Cutting frame width  71" 87"
    Cutting depth  18" 18"
    Net weight in Lbs. 3.130 4.740
    Max. payload Lbs.  2.650 3.970
    Min. loading capacity Lbs.  6.600 18.750
    Min. nett weight of the loader Lbs.*  15.430 24.250
    Required hydraulic capacity 6.6 gallons/min. 2500 psi 6.6 gallons/min. 2500 psi
    Maximum allowed hydraulic capacity 42.3 gallons/min. 2.900 psi 42.3 gallons/min. 2.900 psi
    Required electrical voltage  12 or 24 V 12 or 24 V

    * Indication net loader weight is based on an ideal connection and the maximum load as prescribed above.

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