Solomix P TMR mixer with strawblower

Looking for a good feed mixer with straw blower? If reliability and good service are important to you, look no further. Here you will find all feed mixer types with straw blowers together. The Solomix P has a powerful straw blower with mechanical drive at the front of the mixer that can spread straw up to 82 ft. Click on the products to view our range of feeder wagons with straw blowers. If you would like more information or you have any questions about the price of a feed mixer, do not hesitate to get in touch using the contact form, by email or by phone on +31 541 572 121.

USP's Trioliet mixers

Explanation of abbreviations

  • VL = Front discharge
  • H = High discharge unit
  • L = Low discharge unit
  • B = Synthetic conveyor belt
  • K = Conveyor chain
  • C = Curved conveyor chain
  • ZK = Side discharge doors
  • X = Heavy Duty

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