Trioliet Green Label

Trioliet regards sustainability as of the highest importance. We want to contribute to a better environment for both people and animals. The population of the world is increasing, with a growing demand for dairy products, so it is ever more important that we should be conscious of our environment.

We have patented a number of inventions that make our machines not only safer and more user-friendly, but also durable and economical.

The following inventions contribute to a greener, more sustainable world:

1. Cutting system

The unique Trioliet cutting system requires less energy than, for example, a shredder.

Furthermore, it produces a smooth, sealed silage face which reduces secondary fermentation and over heating. This maintains the optimum feeding quality of the silage due to reduced wastage at the silage face. The machine requires less fuel because the cutting system provides optimal cutting strength with relatively low power. The structure of the feed remains intact leading to better utilisation of the feed and less wastage. The TU silage cutter, the self-loading UKW feederSilobuster and Masterbuster, the self-loading mixer feeders Gigant and Triomix (P), the self-propelled Smartrac and Triotrac and the Triomatic automatic feeding system are equipped with a cutting system and are therefore assigned the Green label.

2. Self-propelled mixer feeders

Research has shown that the fuel consumption of the Smartrac self-propelled mixer feeder is exceptionally low. Due to the fact the mixer feeders are equipped with the Trioliet cutting system with a low power consumption, the self-propelled feeders are equipped with a light motor. A motor with 92 hp/68 kW for the Smartrac and 175 hp/129 kW for the Triotrac is sufficient for operation.

3. Shifttronic 2/3 speed 

The Shifttronic reduction gearbox makes it possible for the heavier machines (>18m3) to be driven by lighter tractors. The Shifttronic switches automatically to the most appropriate mixing speed. This prevents overloading in the drive line of the mixer feeder and of the power take off of the tractor, and requires less power.

4. Spray unit

The spray unit with water tank can be installed on the straw blower unit. The spray unit moistens the straw so that less dust gets out into the air. Cleaner air for both people and animals. The Solomix P therefore qualifies for the Green label.

5. Triomatic automatic feeding system

In many ways, the Triomatic automatic feeding system contributes to a cleaner, healthier environment for both humans and animals. Not only is it equipped with the Trioliet cutting system, it also consumes less power and no tractor needs to drive through the stable with dirty tyres, unhealthy exhaust gases and a high fuel consumption. Furthermore, the stable is kept quieter as the cattle are offered feed several times a day. Thanks to this higher feeding frequency and the freshness of the feed, the cows are able to absorb more nutrients from the feed. More regular and structured feeding leads to better digestion and rumen function among the cows. Due to its low energy consumption and a healthier livestock, the Triomatic can also be counted among Trioliet's green products.

6. Feeding systems for biogas digesters

The Trioliet stationary feeding mixers for filling Biogas plants are electrically driven. Since each auger in the stationary mixer has its own electrical drive, this is very energy efficient. There is therefore minimal input of energy and maximum amounts of (green) energy (biogas) generated. The Triocot coating on the inside of the mixing tub results in greater protection against wear and corrosion. This means the service life of the stationary mixer is increased considerably.

7. Stationary mixers for silage

All Trioliet stationary mixer feeders are electrically driven. The mixed feed is transported from the mixing tub to a feed robot, a separator cart or a conveyor system using an extension chain. Due to the system being in a fixed location and being powered efficiently using electricity, this can be considered an environmentally-friendly means of feeding.  

8. Solar panels on the roof of the Trioliet factory

4,400 Solar panels have been installed on the roof of the Trioliet factory in the Netherlands. This means that Trioliet provides almost all of its own electricity. The solar panel roof is around 10,000 m2, making it one of the largest installations in the Eastern Netherlands and generates enough energy to provide the company with its annual electricity consumption. The peak capacity is 1.2 Megawatt, which is enough for around 300 households."An investment in the future of Trioliet and in the environment," says Robert Liet, General Manager of the family-run company. "It's really amazing that we can directly use the energy we generate to produce machines."

It goes without saying that we undertake continuous development and innovation with consideration for the animals, the environment and the farmer!

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