Turbobuster TU 180 XL silage cutter

    The Turbobuster silage cutter is designed for extremely tough grass silage and has a high cutting capacity, thanks to the robust, deep serrations of the knives and the hydraulic bypass system, which is capable of providing high pressure independently of the tractor. The Turbobuster silage cutter is also available in an 'extra deep' design, the Turbobuster 180 XL, which is capable of cutting silage blocks measuring as much as 71" in depth.

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    Capacity 120 cu.ft.

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      Standard features

      • Silage block cutter U-model
      • Heavy Duty model 
      • High capacity cutting system  
      • Powder coated 
      • Black-plates 
      • Hydraulic push-off
      • Protected cable housing
      • Knife protectors 
      • Hardened knives
      • Bypass-system 
      • Quick coupling
      • Standard attachment plates for tractors classification! 

      Technical specifications

      Turbobuster Heavy Duty silage block cutter TU 180 XL
      Capacity cu.ft. 120
      Overall length  55"
      Overall width  77,5"
      Overall height  107"
      Net weight Lbs.  1.980
      Block dimension (length x width)  41"x 71"
      Block height  71"
      Required hydraulic capacity minimum 7 gallons/min. 2.100 Psi
      Max. hydraulic capacity 16 gallons / min. 2.900 Psi