Feed Structure

The first thing that determines the quality of the rations is the quality of the forage. The forage must also be stored correctly and the structure of the feed maintained during silage creation and extraction. This is because feed structure is essential to allow the cow's rumen to function properly. So make sure you have the right equipment to leave the feed structure intact, keeping your cows healthy. What can you do to retain feed structure? See the various articles here.

Self-propelled Triotrac selected due to very high silage extraction capacity and standard four-wheel drive

“Loading is fast and easy and moreover, there's barely any sweeping required. Maintaining the machine is also simple", according to the Wester brothers.

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Proper silage extraction saves lots of money

The type of feed storage and the method of storage and silage are important factors when trying to limit feed losses. The storage is usually carried out carefully, as cattle farmers are generally…

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