Triotronic 3610V weighing system

    The Triotronic 3610V weighing indicator is a programmable variant of the 2810V. It has a robust enclosure and an improved LCD display. With this indicator the weight per feed component can be displayed whilst maintaining the total weight. It is also possible to program a target weight. A warning indicates when the target weight is close, which means the feed can then be loaded more precisely.



    Standard features

    • Very brightly lit LCD display for clear display, even in bright sunlight
    • Programmable weighing computer with navigation keys and numeric keys
    • Robust waterproof and dustproof housing
    • LED indication and beep alert when target weight is within range
    • USB port for data communication for TFM Tracker feed management program
    • Timer function for programming post-mixing time
    • Equipped with serial connection port (SER) as standard for connecting external transmitters

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