Triotrac self propelled TMR mixer

    The Triotrac is renowned for its huge capacity. It can cut and load up to 2,500 kg of grass silage per minute with silage extraction up to 20 ft metres high. The machine guarantees exceptional results day in, day out. Some of our clients use the self-propelled feeder mixer for up to ten hours a day. The Triotrac self-propelled feed mixer is available with a discharge unit at the front or rear and in 610, 715 and 860 cu.ft. capacities. The cutting and loading system is unique and leaves the feed structure intact, which offers a sizeable (financial) advantage. Learn more about the advantages of silage extraction with the knives / cutting system.


    Capacity 610-860 cu.ft.
    Discharge type Front, side or rear discharge
    Model Self-propelled

    Choice of discharging units

      Explanation of abbreviations

      • VL = Front discharge
      • H = High discharge unit
      • L = Low discharge unit
      • B = Synthetic conveyor belt
      • K = Conveyor chain
      • C = Curved conveyor chain
      • ZK = Side discharge doors
      • X = Heavy Duty




      Standard features

      • Two hydrostatically driven vertical Twin Stream mixing augers with continuously variable speed control 
      • U-shaped cutting head with integrated discharge conveyor
      • Telescopic loading arm with cutting curve correction for a smooth silage pit without any leaning 
      • 1.85 m wide elevating conveyor belt with continuously variable speed control
      • Hydrostatic drive with powershift transmission for ECOmode for road transport, for example
      • Hydraulically suspended front axle and a parabolic suspension rear axle
      • 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering  
      • Turbo diesel engine  
      • Work lights on all sides
      • Comfortable cabin with opening side window, radio, windscreen wipers, automatic climate control with air conditioning
      • Rear-view camera
      • Heated windscreen and electrically adjustable heated mirrors
      • Acoustic reversing signal
      • Trioform auger knives
      • Cleanfix engine cooling system with temperature-sensitive control and radiator cleaning
      • Cross conveyor belt with speed control at the front of the mixing tub
      • Programmable weighing computer with touchscreen (Triotronic 7600T)  
      • Hydraulic height-adjustable cabin
      • Joystick control, programmable loading and discharge settings 
      • Cruise control
      • Remote services 

      Technical specifications

      Triotrac  1700 2000 2400
      Capacity cu.ft. 610 715 860
      Overall length m 392" 402" 404"
      Overall width m 96" 96" 96"
      Overall height m 116" 116" 130"
      Silage cutting heigth max.  236" 236" 236"
      Silage cutting width  73" 73" 73"
      Silage cutting depth  14" 14" 14"
      Max. speed for yard use km/h 20 20 20
      Max. speed during road transport km/h 40 40 40
      Tire size (4x) 435/50
      R 22.5
      R 22.5
      R 22.5