Triomatic installer training course

During this two-day training course, the Trioliet Training Center in Oldenzaal (NL) is converted into a stable. The training room includes a complete Triomatic installation with a T40 feed kitchen and a WP2-300 wheel-driven robot. The training course is set up in such a way that the theory behind automatic feeding is covered during the first part of the day in a relaxed atmosphere. After lunch (provided by Trioliet), we will put into practice the section we covered that morning. What are the maintenance issues? What values can you change? What do you need to take into account during the installation?

After the training course, the installer will be more familiar with the entire installation. He or she will be able to resolve many problems, adjust the settings and perform maintenance on the Triomatic system independently. He or she will also be able to communicate with our service department at a higher level in case the support of our team is required. All in all, this package ensures that the end user will receive better and faster service from you as a Trioliet dealer!

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