Truckmount feed mixing tub mounted on truck

    The Truckmount is a mixing tub mounted on a truck chassis. The mixer wagon has two vertical augers and hydrostatic drive. This extraordinary feed mixer is available in two discharge types: with a side discharge door or a cross conveyor chain. The machine is available from 715 to 1150 cu.ft. 


    Capacity 715-1150 cu.ft.
    Discharge type Front - and rear left side discharge doors
    Model Self-propeller

    Choice of discharging units

      Explanation of abbreviations

      • VL = Front discharge
      • H = High discharge unit
      • L = Low discharge unit
      • B = Synthetic conveyor belt
      • K = Conveyor chain
      • C = Curved conveyor chain
      • ZK = Side discharge doors
      • X = Heavy Duty




      Standard features

      • Mixing tub with subframe and driveshaft for the augers  
      • Two Long Life Twin Stream augers with 7/8" flighting / 1" wings with short Trioform auger knives
      • Two side discharge doors on LHS. Other door positoins on request (ZK)
      • High discharge doors with rounded edges for an even and rapid discharge (ZK)
      • Flexible and spacious side door covers (ZK)
      • Wear ring
      • Two manual operated restrictor blades for models 2000L and 2400L, four restrictor blades for the 3200 
      • Horizontal flow system by patented off-set inserts
      • 59"  wide premix door in the back without activation kit for the 3200 ZKX 
      • Heavy Duty pump mounted to the front bumper or behind the cabin (REPTO) 
      • Support frame 
      • Hydrostatic motor with reduction gear box for auger drive 
      • Oil reservoirs with filters for the hydraulic oil and for the oil of the planetary gearboxes 
      • Integrated cooling system for planetary gearboxes and the hydrostatic drive 
      • 2-Speed auger drive
      • Hydraulic hoses for all hydraulic functions including the hydrostatic drive  
      • In cab controlled electric valve bank with 5 functions for the discharge door and options
      • Operating viewing platform with ladder in front of the mixing tub

      Technical specifications

      Truckmount 2000L 2400L 3200
      Discharge Two side discharge doors on left (front and rear)
      Capacity cu.ft. 715 860 1150
      Overall length  266" 269" 280"
      Overall width  100" 105" 114"
      Overall height m (based on chassis height of 46") 123" 141" 150"
      Diameter of tub  96" 96" 105"
      Net weight Lbs 13,890 16,420 19,660
      Max. technical load Lbs 17,530 26,450 27,600
      Tractor power requirement HP (kW) 175 (129) 205 (150) 252 (185)


      Truckmount 2400L VLX-K 3200L VLX-K
      Discharge Cross conveyor chain at front
      Capacity cu.ft. 860 1150
      Overall length  284" 304"
      Overall width  105" 110"
      Overall height (based on chassis height of  46") 141" 150"
      Diameter of tub  96" 105"
      Net weight Lbs 16,400 19,620
      Max. technical load Lbs 26,500 27,600
      Tractor power requirement HP (kW) 205 (150) 252 (185)

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