Premium feeding technology: TMR mixers and automatic feeding systems for dairy farmers

Trioliet is a total supplier of premium feeding technology. Every day, thousands of cows all over the world are fed with our machines. Over more than 70 years, our family business has grown into a global player. We view it as our duty to provide optimal, sustainable solutions for the mechanised and automated feeding of cattle on professional farms across the world.

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How to utilize automation in order to improve feeding accuracy and efficiency

At Vir-Clar Farm they have been able to reduce the feeding time by about 2 to 3 hours a day by letting automation work in their favor. Grant Grindstead: “We looked at ways to improve the accuracy, be more precise and to improve the efficiency in our feeding. It’s amazing to see the accuracy and…

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Self-propelled Triotrac selected due to very high silage extraction capacity and standard four-wheel drive

“Loading is fast and easy and moreover, there's barely any sweeping required. Maintaining the machine is also simple", according to the Wester brothers.

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From silage block cutters and tmr mixers to full automated feeding systems for cattle!