Self-sharpening Trioform auger knives

    Sharp knives ensure a better mixture. If the feed is not cut well, it is harder to achieve even ration mixture, making it more difficult for cows to choose their feed. Trioform auger knives are unique in their field. The knives have a patented shape and are assembled horizontally on the auger to ensure they encounter the least resistance and can cut the feed optimally. The upper side is through-tempered steel, while the lower side of the knife sharpens itself using the friction of the feed. Thanks to these properties, Trioform knives last longer than other auger knives. Trioform knives are available in short and long lengths. Depending on the type of feed components you can opt for short and/or long knives, sometimes in combination with a top knife for processing bales, for example. Sharp auger knives are always important. The required positions of the assembled auger knives depend on the composition of the ration and the type of mixer wagon. Watch this video to see when you should use certain knife positions.



    Standard features

    There are long and short Trioform auger knives. The long knives are mainly used for rations that consist of long textured materials. The Trioform knives last longer than other knives thanks to their unique shape and optimal position on the auger blade.

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