Basic installer training

It is a two-day training course that every installer should attend. Although many of our machines are relatively easy to set up, there are still many tips and tricks that can make machines work better. This basic training course covers areas such as the cutting unit, our silage cutters, weighing systems, auger timing and 2-speed and 3-speed transmissions. Practical situations are very important in all our training courses. We will make plenty of time for these. We look at the construction of various parts, the functionality of certain components and how things are controlled electronically.

After the training course, the installer will feel more confident about the Trioliet machines. The installer can inform customers about the various options and the maintenance activities customers can perform themselves. The installer can also adjust the machine properly, look for malfunctions and resolve malfunctions. After completing this course, the installer can provide the customer with targeted advice regarding Trioliet products.

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