Energy and fuel savings

These days, as energy sources diminish and we attempt to reduce our impact on the environment, there is a global focus on sustainability. Energy-efficient agricultural tools are gaining in popularity as well. How can you reduce your energy consumption and save on fuel? When developing new equipment, Trioliet always keeps their energy consumption as low as possible. Curious about how Trioliet does this? Read the stories here...

Same amount of diesel with bigger mixer

The Shifttronic powershift enables a small tractor and a large TMR mixer to be combined.

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Second Triotrac for agri. cooperation Breitenworbis

Recently the agricultural cooperation Breitenworbis in Thüringen (Germany) received their new Triotrac with great pleasure. They waved goodbye to their old machine after almost 6 years so it can enjoy…

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25% less diesel consumption with Shifttronic

These days, dairy farmer Cees Middelweerd only needs 10 litres of diesel an hour to run his 24 m3 mixer feeder. He mixes up two loads a day to feed his herd of 350 milk cows, plus another two loads…

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First ever Triotrac retires after nine and a half years and 21,000 working hours

The Niederseidewitz Agricultural Cooperative in Bahretal (Germany) has been using a Triotrac self-propelled mixer feeder for their feeding for nearly ten years now. Niederseidewitz's first…

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