Triotrac M self-propelled feed mixer with loading rotor

    The Triotrac M is a compact self-propelled feed mixer with a single vertical auger. The feed is loaded into the loading rotor using a cutting/loading system, where it is simultaneously transported to the mixing tub. The compact self-propelled TMR mixer is extremely agile, making it suitable for low buildings and cramped yards. A small turning circle paired with four-wheel steering makes the Triotrac M especially easy to manoeuvre between buildings and in silage pits. The Triotrac M is available in 500 cu.ft.


    Capacity 500 cu.ft.
    Discharge type Side discharge doors or discharge at the rear
    Model Self-propeller

    Choice of discharging units

      Explanation of abbreviations

      • VL = Front discharge
      • H = High discharge unit
      • L = Low discharge unit
      • B = Synthetic conveyor belt
      • K = Conveyor chain
      • C = Curved conveyor chain
      • ZK = Side discharge doors
      • X = Heavy Duty




      Standard features

      • Single vertical Twin Stream auger driven by a planetary gear box  
      • Cross conveyor belt or side discharge door
      • Four-wheel drive front-wheel drive
      • 2WS rear wheel steering
      • Max. speed 35 km/h
      • Hydraulic front axle suspension
      • Comfortable cabin with opening side window, radio and windscreen wipers 
      • Rimote system for remote services
      • Long Life 7/8" Twin Stream auger
      • Air suspension seat
      • Triotronic 7600T weighing computer with touch
      • Rear-view camera
      • Heated windscreen and electrically adjustable heated mirrors

      Technical specifications

      Triotrac M 1400 AL 1400 ZK
      Capacity cu.ft. 500 500
      Overall length  317" 294"
      Overall width 100" 111"
      Overall height  111" 111"
      Silage cutting heigth max.  177" 177"
      Silage cutting width  73" 73"
      Silage cutting depth  14" 14"
      Max. speed for yard use km/h 20 20
      Max. speed during road transport km/h 35 35
      Tyre size, front 385/65
      R 22.5
      R 22.5
      Tyre size, rear 315/80
      R 22.5
      R 22.5