Feed App

    For the weight to be read remotely, three new wireless Cab Controls have been added to the range. The Feed App allows you to operate the weighing system using a smartphone or tablet, which communicates in real time with the weighing system on the feed mixer. The current weight can be read and the weighing system can be operated from any location. Both the Feed App and the CC400 View have a counting function that shows the weight of each ingredient together with the total weight of the load. The Feed App is a useful and valuable addition to the Triotronic weighing system.



    Standard features

    • Programming function for programming ingredients, animal groups and rations
    • Digital load report after each feed
    • Cab Control function: weight display and digital load list within a radius of approx. 262 ft around the mixer wagon  
    • The free Trioliet Feed App can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play