Solomix 3 stationary feed mixer for silage

    The Solomix 3 STAT for silage is a stationary mixer wagon with three vertical augers and a chain or belt conveyor. The mixed hay or grass is discharged by the chain conveyor into a feed wagon, feeding robot or onto a belt system. The feed mixer is available with a capacity of 1,285, 1,650 and 1,860cu.ft. (for m3 visit our English COM website). Its simplicity means any maintenance costs are minimal and the machine operates at high efficiency. Click here to learn about all the unique Solomix features. 

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    Capacity 1.285-1.860 cu.ft.
    Discharge type Front discharge (VL)

      Explanation of abbreviations

      • VL = Front discharge
      • H = High discharge unit
      • L = Low discharge unit
      • B = Synthetic conveyor belt
      • K = Conveyor chain
      • C = Curved conveyor chain
      • ZK = Side discharge doors
      • X = Heavy Duty




      Standard features

      • Dismountable auger supports
      • Four supports adjustable in height
      • Wear ring
      • Trioform auger knives short
      • Discharge door at front
      • Tub, auger(s), chassis and wear ring out of St. 52
      • Machine is prepared for extra side discharge doors
      • Three vertical augers
      • Two manually operated restrictor blades

      Technical specifications

      If you want the values in meters, please visit our English .com website, click here

      Solomix 3 stationary feed mixer for silage HD (VL) 3600 VL  4600 VL 5200 VL
      Capacity cu.ft. 1285 1650 1860
      Overall length (excl. motor)  311" 340" 366"
      Overall length (incl. motor)  347" 369" 407"
      Overall width  104" 117" 117"
      Overall height*  112-124" 113-125" 114-126"
      Nett weight without E-motor and frame Lbs 24.470 29.980 33.070
      Number of auger knife positions per auger 10 12 12
      Number ofknives mounted per auger 7 9 9
      Diameter of auger Ø 87" Ø 96" Ø 105"
      Required electrical installation Frequency drive Frequency drive Frequency drive

      * Supports are standard adjusted on 31,5'' height

      If you want the values in meters, please visit our English .com website, click here

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