Triomatic WB battery-powered robot

    The Triomatic WB feeding robot travels on wheels and has batteries to power traveling, discharging and pushing. In the feed kitchen, the feeding robot docks onto a power rail in order to charge the batteries and to be able to drive into the feed kitchen and carry out mixing on the main power grid. This gives the robot extra capacity and prolongs the lifespan of the batteries. To navigate, the Triomatic WB battery-powered robot uses an antenna that follows an induction wire or transponders in the floor. This makes it possible to operate without any need for a rail, even between different stables across a farmyard. The robot can be combined with all types of Triomatic feed kitchens.


    Capacity 110 cu.ft.
    Discharge type Cross conveyor belt
    Model Wheel-driven, battery-powered robot



    Standard features

    • Two vertical mixing augers in wear-resistant stainless steel
    • Cross conveyor belt capable of discharging on both the left and right
    • 110 cu.ft. mixing tub in wear-resistant stainless steel
    • Touchscreen and operating terminal
    • All-electric drive
    • Bumper protection
    • Continuously variable speed control of the cross conveyor belt and mixing auger
    • Four wheels, two of which are powered and two rotating 

    Technical specifications

    Triomatic  WB 2 300
    Capacity cu.ft.  110 cu.ft.
    Length  140"
    Width  51"
    Net weight Lbs. 5.512
    Maximum payload Lbs. 1.984
    Battery system V~ 600
    Min. (net) feeding alley width  91"
    Required connecting current in feed kitchen A 3x40
    Required voltage in feed kitchen V~ 400
    Min. ceiling height from feeding alley  100"
    Max. threshold height 



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