Triomatic T40 feed storage for automatic feeding system

    The Triomatic T40 automatic feeding system consists of a feed kitchen/feed storage with feed floors for silage blocks and bales. The number of forage components determines the number of feed floors which can store feed for approx. 3-5 days. The cutting unit has round circular knives that cut the feed up evenly, leaving a perfect feed structure. The system can be combined with a battery-powered wheel-driven feeding robot, a grid-powered suspended feeding robot or a grid-powered wheel-driven feeding robot. Thanks to the simple technology of the circular cutting knives, the system uses little energy: only 0.5 to 1.0 kWh per load. This represents a saving of 50% compared to the existing (conventional) systems. Dairy Campus Leeuwarden also selected the Triomatic automatic feeding system.


    Number of days in storage 3-5 days
    Discharge type Extension chain
    Type Feed storage with feed floors for blocks or bales
    Feeding Robot Can be combined with any type of Triomatic feeding



    Standard features

    • Robust feed floors for storage of blocks and/or bales
    • Cutting thickness can be adjusted from 0,1 to 0,65 ft for each feed floor
    • Cutting unit with circular knives
    • All-electric drive
    • Wide cross conveyor chain and extension chain including weighing system
    • Durable materials
    • Knife and vertical speed adjustable for each feed floor
    • Clear touchscreen for entering feed types, rations, feed groups

    Technical specifications

    Triomatic T40 feed kitchen T40
    Max. number of feed floors 8
    Feed floor length ft 20/25/29
    Feed floor width  77"
    Max. height of silage block or bale ft.   6
    Required height in the feed kitchen ft. 12
    Required feed kitchen depth (ft.) is the length of feed floor + 8
    Required connecting current in feed kitchen A 3x32
    Required voltage in feed kitchen V~ 400
    These specifications are subject to change.  

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