Invest in robotic feeding?

Investing in robotic feeding may not instantly seem like the obvious thing for a dairy farmer to do. But the reality may actually be quite different than it appears on first sight. After all, the work still needs to be done. Hire employees? That will cost money and where to find good staff nowadays? These are the dilemmas that farmers are dealing with. But does it also make sense in the long term? 

The best reason to invest in an automatic feeding system is that cows are healthier and can produce more milk with a feeding robot. That’s because of the continuous supply of freshly mixed feed. Thanks to the high feeding frequency of fresh feed, the cows absorb more nutrients. This means that the amount of concentrates can be reduced. Because the cows receive fresh feed several times each day there is enough for every cow, which leads to less stress and a better start for the young calves. 

Different rations for different groups

It is also very important for each group to get the right rations, with different menus for calves, lactating cows and dry cows. Precisely formulated rations achieve the best results. With a feeding robot you can program many different rations, and each group of cattle can receive fresh feed up to 12 times per day. That's really not practical without a feeding robot.

Work time can be reduced to 1 hour every 3 days

Probably you spent a few hours a day on feeding, with an automatic feeding system the work time can be reduced to only one hour every three days. With a Triomatic T30 feed kitchen the feed is stored in feed bunkers with a capacity of 650 cu.ft. each. The number of feed storage bunkers depends on the number of feed components. You fill the bunkers, the feeding robot is doing the rest. 

Trioliet offers 12 robotic feeding systems, three different types of feeding robots and four different feed kitchens. You can combine your own.

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