New: Solomix P ZKX

For dairy farmers who need a mixer feeder with a large capacity and who want to spread a large amount of straw, Trioliet has included the Solomix P ZKX in its range. An X-range (heavy duty) mixer feeder with straw blower, available with a 24, 28 or 36 m3 capacity.

The Solomix P ZKX is the latest machine in the range of mixer feeders with straw blower. It is the robust variant of the Solomix P1 and P2. This powerhouse with a heavy drive train has two or three Long Life (22 mm) vertical augers mounted directly on the chassis. The thick walls (10 mm) give the mixing chamber extra strength and a longer life cycle.

The standard Solomix P ZKX features two hydraulic discharge doors right and left (type 2400 and 2800) or two on the right side (type 3600). To ensure the mixing process in a full mixer feeder starts up easily the machine is supplied with a switchable gearbox. The tractor power requirement varies from 120 hp (88 kW) to 177 hp (130 kW), depending on the type. Optionally the Solomix P ZKX can be supplied with the two- or three-speed Shifttronic (a gearbox that can be switched under load), which automatically switches to the optimum speed so that the tractor clutch suffers less wear and reasonable fuel savings can be made.

The low blowing pipe with hydraulically operated nozzle is provided with a wheel incorporating six blower/spreading vanes. The straw can thus be spread easily up to a distance of 25 metres. To reduce the amount of swirling dust, a spray unit with water tank can be installed. The unit dampens the straw, thus ensuring that fewer dust particles and microorganisms are floating around. This is not only more comfortable, but also more hygienic for both animals and humans. The water nozzle is integrated into the blower housing and sprinkles the straw before it leaves the blower nozzle. The water tank has a capacity of 100 litres and is mounted at the front of the machine.

The introduction of the Solomix P ZKX means that Trioliet has expanded its range of straw blowers and complemented it with a real powerhouse. This is an asset for dairy farmers who place emphasis on efficient operations.