Accurate loading has never been so easy

Triotronic weighing system

Triotronic 2810V

Triotronic 3610V

Triotronic 7600T

CC300 App

CC400 View

CC500 Touch

A balanced ration is the secret of high production and healthy livestock. The trick is to measure out the optimum ration every day, exactly as it was conceived on paper. The Triotronic electronic weighing systems are indispensable for this because correct measurement is absolutely necessary!

Trioliet introduces the new range of Triotronic electronic weighing systems with a choice of three weighing indicators, the 2810V, 3610V and 7600T. The standard weighing system is supplied with the Triotronic 2810V weighing indicator, with a robust enclosure and an improved LCD display. With this indicator the weight per feed component can be displayed whilst maintaining the total weight. It is also possible to program a target weight. A warning indicates when the target weight is close, which means the feed can then be loaded more precisely.

Programmable weighing indicators

The Triotronic 3610V and 7600T are programmable weighing indicators, with the 3610V being the programmable variant of the 2810V. The Triotronic 7600T is a completely new weighing indicator in the Trioliet range. The T stands for 'Touchscreen'. The touchscreen can be used to browse easily through the feed data and to switch quickly between components, rations, and animal groups. The large colour display provides a perfect display of weight and ration information. Changes to the ration can be implemented quickly and easily from the tractor.

Wireless Cab Control indicators
So that the weight can be read remotely there are also three new wireless Cab Controls included in the range: the CC300 App, the CC400 View, and the CC500 Touch. These are useful when working for example on the loading vehicle or at a concentrate silo and the weighing indicator is not visible. The current weight is always available, even in bad weather, in front of the silage and no matter from which direction the mixer feeder is being filled.

With the CC300 App the weighing system is operated via an app on your smartphone or tablet, which communicates in real time with the weighing system on the mixer feeder. The current weight can be read and the weighing system can be operated from any location. The CC300 App is a useful and valuable addition to the Triotronic weighing system.

The CC400 View is a Cab Control indicator in the cabin of the loading vehicle. Using the CC400 View you can reset the weighing system and switch between the different feed components. Both the CC300 App and the CC400 View have a counting function, where the weight of each ingredient is shown together with the total weight of the load.

The CC500 Touch is the most comprehensive Cab Control. With this indicator, which can be operated from the cabin of the loading vehicle, the weighing system can be programmed remotely. Rations and animal groups can be easily adjusted via the touch screen, and one always has an up-to-the-minute overview of the load.

Transform your smartphone into a remote control for the weighing computer, or program the rations carefully and easily via a touch screen indicator The precise loading of a mixer feeder has never been so straightforward and easy as with the Triotronic weighing system.