Saving time

Time is money, especially for farmers. Working hard without much free time is the typical life on a farm. "Don't whine, just get on with it" is the motto as the work continues, from early morning till late into the evening. How do you make time for friends, family and hobbies? By organizing repetitive daily operations as efficiently as possible, you can save quite a bit of time. Feeding is one of those repetitive daily tasks. Investing in the right feeding equipment can bring you significant time savings. For example, by purchasing a higher capacity mixer wagon, or by opting to automate. If you choose automation, that doesn't mean everything needs to change completely overnight. There are plenty of options to make just some of the feeding tasks simpler, freeing up time for other important matters. 

23 February 2018

More goats and less work

Bart Smolders opted in favour of an automated feeding system rather than staff

19 July 2017

Feeding 770 cows and spreading three stables in just three hours

Dairy farmer Henrik Terkelsen from Southern Denmark has just completed a construction project on his farm. He built a new barn and increased his herd to 770 dairy cows. It was also a good time to upgrade his...