Mix Quality

How do I get the best mix quality? What should I think about when loading and mixing rations? Read various articles by (hands-on) experts with their tips and stories here.

Cattle farmers are generally very concerned about balanced rations, as without the right nutritional elements, cows develop health issues and their performance goes down. That means higher costs and lower returns. Therefore, it's vital that the cows consume all feed components in the correct proportions. This is only possible if the feed is mixed well. Otherwise the cows will only eat the tastiest parts, ignoring the most important components. So, good mixing quality is extremely important for all (dairy) cattle farmers.



18 June 2019

5 reasons to check the knives in your TMR mixer regularly

Why you should check your auger knives regularly

18 June 2019

"Sometimes I think: I should have done it sooner"

Pieter Delisse is a dairy farmer in The Netherlands. He has 270 dairy cows and uses his seven-year-old Solomix feed mixer to collect a dairy production of 11,700 litres of milk per cow per year, with a...

2 July 2018

Total or partial mixed ration?

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7 September 2017

The importance of the correct loading order for well-mixed rations

Farmer Bert Versteeg sees a lot of advantages in using a mixer feeder wagon for feedingMore