Manufacturer of dairy feeding machines

Trioliet is a manufacturer of feeding machines for dairy and beef farms

Trioliet is a manufacturer of feeding machines and systems for dairy and beef farmers. With our machines thousands of cows are fed daily worldwide. In more than sixty years, we have become a global player in the field of cattle feeding technology. About three thousand machines leave the factory every year and about 85 percent of the machines is exported to about 45 countries. These machines are designed and assembled in Oldenzaal (The Netherlands).

Silage block cutters, trailed TMR mixer feeders, self-loading mixer wagons, self-propelled mixers and automatic feeding systems belong to our machine program.

An overview of the main feeders:

Silage block cutter
With a silage cutter, the ensiled feed can be transported to a feeding machine or directly to the cows in the barn.

TMR Mixer feeders
A tmr mixer feeder is a trailed feeding wagon that mixes the feed rations. The mixer is trailed behind the tractor and can be filled by a front loader, for example. The various feed components come together in the mixing tub and the special Trioliet auger design will make a perfect mixed ration. So the cows get a balanced meal with all the required nutrients. The trailed mixers of Trioliet are known under the name "Solomix”. There are many different types of Solomixes. The biggest difference is in the way of distributing. This could be through a side door (ZK), a cross conveyor belt (B) or a cross conveyor chain (K).

Self-loading mixer
The self-loading mixer feeders have a loading system. Unlike the 'regular' TMR mixers, the self-loading mixer feeder can take the feed out of the silage pit, so no additional machine is needed (for example a front loader). Some self-loading mixer wagons are also equipped with a cutting system. A cutting system ensures that the stored food is cut off. Trioliet has therefore developed special blades that do not affect the feed structure. So the nutrients remain intact and the cow gets the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, there remains a smooth, neat silage pit behind. The smooth pit wall prevents heat in the silage. Examples of self-loading mixer wagons are Vertifeed, Gigant and Triomix.

Self-propelled mixer
In addition to the robotic feeding system, the self-propelled mixer feeders belong to one of the most recent revolutionary developments in dairy farming. The self-propelled mixer can drive itself. So there is no tractor required to provide this feed wagon. The self-propelled mixer wagon is usually also a self-loading machine that can take the feed out of the silage pit, mixes the components and then distributes the feed in the barn. It is an all-in-one machine, you don’t longer need a tractor to feed the cows. The Trioliet self-propelled mixer wagons are Smartrac G, the Smartrac TS, the Triotrac and Truckmount.

Robotic - Automatic feeding system
A cow or goat grazing in the pasture gets all the feed that the animal needs. As an adult cow in the stable state, they only get one or two times daily fresh food and not, as in nature, when the cow has his own needs. By feeding your cows several times a day, with an exactly metered amount, you create a situation that comes closest to the natural conditions of the cattle. In order to perform better more often modern farmers choose for automated feeding system. It has been proven that feeding more often results in higher feed intake, a higher milk production, better health and a higher fertility of the livestock. With an automatic feeding system, a cattle farmer can store the food for a number of days, and the feeding robot does the rest. So the farmer has time for other things.
Trioliet has various automatic feeding systems in the program. The stand-alone robots called Triomatic Triomatic T10 and T15. Complete robotic feeding systems with feed kitchen / food storage: Triomatic T20 (automatic feeding system with stationary mixer),  Triomatic T30 (automatic feeding system with bunkers) and Triomatic T40 (automatic feeding system with feed kitchen)

Stationary mixers for silage
Besides the drawn TMR mixers, the self-loading mixer feeder wagons, the self-propelled mixer feeders and automatic feeding systems we also offer stationary mixers for silage. These mixer feeders are at a fixed location.

Stationary mixers for biogas
Trioliet also has stationary mixers for biogas. These mixers are used as feeding systems for biogas digesters. For example, food waste is put into the mixer where it is being mixed, and from there it is transported to the large digesters, where it’s being transformed into energy.

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