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Accurate loading has never been so easy

New Triotronic electronic weighing systems with Cab Control[more]


NEW! Wheeled feeding robot

We are introducing the T15 wheeled robot as a complement to our automatic feeding programme.This means we now have eight solutions for automatic feeding that allows the farmer to choose a system that best...


Norwell Dairy is Trioliet Robotic Feeding Dealer for Ontario

Oldenzaal, The Netherlands: Trioliet B.V. the world’s largest manufacturer of vertical TMR mixers has just entered into a Dealer Agreement with Norwell Dairy of Drayton Ontario, Canada. With this agreement,...


New: Solomix P ZKX

For dairy farmers who need a mixer feeder with a large capacity and who want to spread a large amount of straw, Trioliet has included the Solomix P ZKX in its range. An X-range (heavy duty) mixer feeder with...


Ukrainian National Farm Day

Trioliet supported Ukrainian National Farm Day.  Forage conservation as well as feeding animals were core subjects during this event. So, demos of machinery impressed visitors from all over Ukraine. [more]